Expert Professional Counsellors

We are a group of highly expert professional counselors with extensive expertise in offering support for overseas admissions. Over the years, we have played a significant role in guiding the paths of numerous students. Today, at Gyanam Education Consultancy, we acknowledge the evolving landscape of corporate sectors where leading companies seek individuals with substantial international experience by often preferring graduates from reputable institutions. Consequently, our counselors consistently emphasize the importance of selecting top-tier academic institutions and even customize student profiles accordingly to enhance their chances of selection.

Rich Legacy of History

In many countries, education generally focuses more on practicing skills than just learning theories. It's about becoming good at things such as language, handling situations, and developing your personality as well as social skills. When someone gets through all these challenges, they become a highly skilled professional who is in demand in many fields. That's what we do at Gyanam Education Consultancy. We build strong relationships with students and their families, and over the past years, we have earned the trust of around thousands of students. We have helped them succeed, whether by studying in top colleges worldwide or becoming successful professionals in their chosen fields.

Reliable Assistance for Studying Abroad

Getting admitted to universities abroad can be a long and complex process that takes up a lot of time. International student applications are only accepted for a short period, but with the extensive knowledge of our experienced academic experts, handling this process has become extremely simple. So far, over 35700 students have successfully enrolled through us. You can trust our academic guidance abilities, and we'll help you explore new career paths with abundant global opportunities.

Top Medical Education Consultants

As an MBBS consultant for both India as well as abroad, we don't beat around the bush. Our counselors have refined their skills to craft impressive student profiles for quick as well and smooth selection processes with their extensive experience of many years in handling overseas admissions. We work with more than 200 universities worldwide, spanning countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and more. At Gyanam Education Consultancy, we have earned the trust of around thousands of students, many of whom are now studying in renowned colleges worldwide or excelling in their professional fields.

Best Education Consultant in India

Registering for medical, engineering, management, or career-focused courses, whether in India or abroad, offers new pathways to professional success. Academic institutions and colleges worldwide hold significant prestige by facilitating easy career advancements for successful graduates. For instance, in Russia, MBBS graduates can practice medicine without requiring an additional license. Therefore, esteemed international universities serve as prominent avenues to successful careers, and as the top choice for MBBS admissions abroad, we are here to provide you with the ultimate support.

Admission Guidance and Travel Services

We offer a variety of services, such as applying to colleges abroad for all kinds of degrees - medical, engineering, job-focused, or management. We also help with getting study visas, arranging travel, finding hostel rooms and food, giving interview tips, and lots more.

Selecting the Best Colleges Based on What You Like and What You Can Afford

Whether you’re interested in medical studies, dentistry, engineering, business management, or job-focused courses, if you have excellent academic records up to the 12th grade, we can help you find pathways to success. Additionally, studying medicine in other countries can be affordable for international students, with tuition waived in places like Bangladesh, Russia, and China. So, if you’re considering studying MBBS in Russia at a low cost, we can assist you with that.

Tutoring and Test Preparation

Gyanam Education Consultancy offers tutoring and exam preparation support to students, aiding in their academic improvement.These services target standardized exams aiming to enhance students’ performance. Our experienced consultants even collaborate closely with the students to assess their academic abilities as well as challenges, devising customized study strategies.

Comprehensive Emotional Support Services

Apart from meeting academic requirements, we also offer emotional support and guidance to students dealing with test anxiety or performance pressure. Our expert team members help students access mentorship and consistent feedback to improve greater self-assurance and reduce the stress levels of aspiring candidates.

Continued Assistance for Academic Success

We provide continuous support to aid students in thriving during their academic experience. This support highly encompasses academic advice to support students in adapting to college routines and improving essential skills such as time management and effective study habits. Through these services, we facilitate a smooth transition for students from high school to college by enabling them to reach their academic aspirations.